Schmidt’s Naturals Adds Bitcoin as Payment Option for High-end Deodorant

Antiperspirant producer Schmidt’s Naturals is the most recent company to give online customers a chance to purchase its items with Bitcoin. Co-founder and CEO Michael Cammarata has disclosed that Bitcoin now represents 5 to 10 percent of their online sales since the company began accepting the cryptocurrency on May 14.

“It’s beginning to be a percent of offers more than we expected,” he said in a recent meeting.

The all-characteristic antiperspirant comes in aromas like lavender, tea tree, bergamot, and cedar and will set you back about $9, or 0.0011 BTC a stick. Schmidt’s is the first company owned by industry giant Unilever to start accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment for its products.

Cammarata said, “It kind of was actually a last minute surprise. We got a lot of consumers that are like, ‘Can we pay with Bitcoin’? We were playing around with the idea a little bit and our tech team was like, ‘Should we do this or not?”

In any case, he conceded they “weren’t that stunned” when the company’s web-based buyers asked to pay in Bitcoin.

“We have a lot of millennial and highly socially active consumers,” he said.

Schmidt’s Natural’s site is utilizing Bitpay, a generally accessible Bitcoin payments supplier found on Shopify and in well known mobile amusements by Zynga. With regards to internet business and web based shopping, Bitpay is the most universal.

However, not all businesses are happy with the Bitpay platform. Newegg is a Canada-based online PC and hardware dealer that utilizes Bitpay. The payment supplier was harshly criticized a month ago when a Newegg customer accused Bitpay for taking more than their required charges for processing his purchases.

In any case, Bitcoin is seemingly garnering a wider appeal with online shoppers.


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