Czech Republic’s Energy Giant Will Accept Bitcoin Payments

Czech Republic’s energy giant Prazska Plynarenska reported that it will soon begin accepting Bitcoin Payments. From June 2018, customers will have the decision to pay their month to month dues in digital currencies too.


While trying to modernize their infrastructure, the company is taking the crypto course as it states:


“We want to get closer with the young generation and not be perceived as old.”


As the users log onto the website of the company to make the payments, one would be given two default options including the national currency Koruna and Bitcoin.


However, the company won’t hold any bitcoin. The crypto will be converted into the fiat currency when the payment is made.


HN Paul Janecek, an individual from the Board of Directors of the company stated:


“We will open a payment gateway in June, which will automatically convert our payment in cryptocurrency to the normal currency, so we will not speculate on the development, but if anyone wants to pay an alternative way, we want to allow it.”


Prazska Plynarenska isn’t the first to acknowledge bitcoin as payment as, an e-commerce company is as of now accepting BTC since February 2018. The nation is additionally housing a few BTC ATMs and numerous different businesses that acknowledge BTC as payment.


Gradually however bit by bit, digital currencies are perceiving itself as the mainstream methods for payment. As of late, Banco Masventas, a bank in Argentina declared that through another program, it will enable its clients to make cross-border payments with bitcoin.


By joining forces with an exchange startup Bitex, it will rival SWIFT. First one to base its cross-border payment framework on Bitcoin network, the bank expresses the services will be enabled in around 50 nations. Besides, the payments will be handled in 24 hours or less.


The move is an endeavor on Bank’s part to bring down its transaction costs and increase the speed.


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