ASUS Unleashes Crypto-Mining Motherboard Supporting 20 GPUS

Altcoin mining has increased immense fame over the previous year as individuals utilize top of the line GPUs to secure networks, and real PC part creators are paying heed, creating items for this developing market. Presently a maker has discharged a motherboard that can bolster 20 GPUs.

ASUS declared the H370 Mining Master not long ago, bragging the capacity to help an incredible 20 illustrations cards. This motherboard is particularly worked for cryptocurrency miners, and the outline was done in a way that takes into account considerably more effective network by letting USB riser links connect straightforwardly to the PCB ports as opposed to PCIe.

This motherboard expects to make support on flighty GPU mining rigs significantly simpler, as the company expressed this new configuration is vastly improved than including GPUs by means of PCIe. This motherboard also has extreme upgrades to diagnostics, a basic instrument for miners.

The mining business as of now has a razor-thin overall revenue, and if your cards aren’t hashing what they should hash, you’re losing cash. High uptime is one of the best worries for all miners.

As far back as the underlying huge altcoin blast in ahead of schedule/mid-2017, GPU deficiencies have been typical for most prominent online retailers. As producers battle to stay aware of the interest, GPU costs have risen several dollars for top-notch equipment. Gamers have been insulted too, as they’ve not been able to get the parts required for the most recent, and most illustrations series at sensible costs.

Alongside the cost gouging, however, cryptocurrency mining has opened an immense potential market for existing equipment makers. Gossip has it that NVIDIA and AMD are attempting to fabricate their own particular cryptocurrency mining ASICs to rival current Bitcoin mining organizations. The expansion of two noteworthy tech goliaths would give some truly necessary market rivalry.


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