Chinese Healthcare Firm Makes $18 Million Through Sale of Custom Cryptocurrencies Amidst ICOs Prohibition

A Chinese medicinal service firm has supposedly raised 120 million yuan ($18 million) by issuing a custom cryptocurrency, in spite of China’s 2017 prohibition on initial coin offerings (ICOs).

As indicated by an Investor China provided details regarding Monday, the company included – called Zhaoyun Group and apparently situated in Hangzhou – centers around the human services and logical research industry. While the company’s authentic website does exclude any data around an ICO, posts on informal communities and discussions show that the company propelled a token deal on April 8.

As per the posts, Zhaoyun Group focused on the issuance of 170 million of its own ERC-20-based (an ethereum standard) tokens, named Trillion Cloud Gold (TGCG), 10 percent of which were sold through an open advertising.

Information from, the website that tracks transactions on the ethereum blockchain, demonstrates that every one of the tokens was made in mid-March 2018, however, no transactions were made from there on.

Through discussions with promoters in the token deal’s WeChat gatherings, the report showed that people in general offering raised the $18 million through a layered dissemination framework wherein individuals get an arrival on their investment by drawing in extra financial specialists to buy the token.

The report went ahead to call the association’s direct “faulty,” given that it could have damaged China’s prominent restriction on ICOs, while the association’s business show appears to “fundamentally be the same as” those found in pyramids and Ponzi plans.

The revealed ICO comes when Chinese specialists have ventured up its endeavors in getting serious about crypto-related fundraising exercises, and on those that utilize the idea to downy financial specialists through fraudulent business models, as already detailed by CoinDesk.


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