Hybrid Online-Offline Social Platform Takes The Blockchain Road To Deliver Real Life Experiences


With social media platforms enabling people to express their perspectives and thoughts more, it led to a drawback in the more youthful age. Unexpectedly, with these platforms, youthful personalities turned out to be more unsocial in reality. People are ending up more segregated because of their capacity to interact with people without physically seeing each other. This is evidently causing major mental issues for the young men and ladies in the current generation.

Hooked with the unreal online world, they overlook the genuine one. Kuende solves this issue by offering a symbiosis of the online and offline world. The platform does this by connecting people with similar interests and including a layer of live world gaming, allowing clients a chance to explore outside the world and interact with their loved ones they are just associated through the internet and social media.

The platform additionally offers complete control over their personal data shared on it. Clients can set the level of security while making it easier to associate with people of the same minds and make friends.


The platform was launched in 2015 and it is decentralized. By taking in the blockchain, it is offering clients more security and connections. Right now the platform is running its private token generation event. The program will last until the end of May 2018. Every member experiences a KYC procedure and must sign a SAFT arrangement. The Kuende token, KUE has no fixed exchange rate. The exact KUE/ETH rate will be chosen after the end of the private occasion. A 30% bonus is also accessible to investors in the private event, which will be vested for about 3 months. The extra tokens will be accessible to clients after that. The estimated timetable is Q3, 2018.

The correct dates of the main events are to be declared later on. There are a total of 356,000,000,000 KUE tokens that will ever be minted, half of which are accessible to patrons in the two appropriation occasions. 15% of the sum is held for the community pool, where future incentives will be planned for a sustained economy of the platform.

By giving a chance to the youth, called Generation Z and Millenials, to associate with people outside the limits of their computers and phones, Kuende offers them an opportunity to witness this real world as it is and move out of their shells of confinement.


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