What Is DDEX?


It is obvious there is a developing interest in decentralized exchange solutions. Even though centralized platforms offer great convenience which is different from their decentralized counterparts, the vast majority do not like the thought of undergoing KYC procedures. Moreover, centralized platforms regulate clients’ funds all the time which is totally different from what cryptocurrency is.


A DDEX position is a potential contender in the realm of decentralized exchanges. The group is certain their system will be as “secure as a Swiss bank account.” Even though the analogy looks convincing, satisfying those expectations is not the same. This platform vigorously depends on Ethereum smart contracts, and additionally the 0x protocol, which is a fascinating combination that can end up being powerful in the long haul.


DDEX plans to become one of the biggest liquidity providers for ERC20 tokens. Even though different platforms are attempting to accomplish a similar objective, liquidity can remain a major issue. This decentralized exchange solution mostly centers on listing well known token pairs and enabling clients to trade straight from their wallets. The idea is almost the same as sites like EtherDelta.


Maybe the fundamental selling purpose of DDEX is that it doesn’t include a sign-up process. Since this is a DApp running over the Ethereum blockchain, clients can stay mysterious all the time. It is even good with MetaMask and Brave for included anonymity. This last functionality is something a lot of clients will completely appreciate, considering how prominent both Brave and MetaMask have become in a previous couple of months.




At the moment, DDEX offers a reasonable couple of trading markets. In spite of the fact that not every one of them offers a huge amount of liquidity, it appears the EOSDAC, BRM, and HOT trading pairs are doing great. There are still a few ERC20 tokens to be added to this list. It appears clients can’t set up their own trading markets and clearly this is not a good thing, however, maybe that is something that will change soon. This project is still in the early stage of advancement.




It appears DDEX also has an intriguing “activity campaign” going ahead starting at this moment. Clients can gain HOT tokens for utilizing the platform and finishing a transaction. It is an incredible method to get more people familiar with this specific project, despite the fact that it remains to be seen how this award offer will stay. Just in case DDEX can include more tokens in a quick succession– or enable customization – this decentralized trading DApp can rapidly pick up fame.


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