Potcoin and Dennis Rodman: How Crypto Gatecrashed U.S., North Korea Historic Summit

The memorable summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un stood out enough to be noticed – and held it – because of Dennis Rodman and the famous cryptocurrency that funded his movement to Singapore, potcoin.

CoinDesk gave an account of June 7 that resigned b-ball star Dennis Rodman was made a beeline for Singapore for the Summit with the assistance of the weed themed cryptocurrency. As a big name who has gone to North Korea a few times, Rodman’s excursion was considered as “a big name wind” to the verifiable geopolitical occasion.

As indicated by The Washington Post, Rodman was “in exchanges with” the group behind potcoin a week ago to get financial help for the trek. He later authoritatively affirmed the news on Twitter featuring the reality his excursion was supported by the gathering:

Truth be told, it isn’t the first occasion that potcoin has helped Rodman with his movements.

Simply a year ago in June, the previous Chicago Bulls star returned North Korea through potcoin’s sponsorship. At the time, the cost of cryptocurrency spiked as Rod declared the news on Twitter in a “potcoin” shirt and a baseball top.

Propelled in 2014, potcoin claims it is “the primary digital money made to encourage transactions inside the legitimized cannabis industry” on its website. By which, it implies that it gives pot dispensaries and agriculturists a contrasting option to other financial establishments like a bank when they exchange.

What’s more, that leads us to the day when we have Rodman, crying, on CNN from Singapore wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap, and it makes the crypto world look no more terrible than any time in recent memory. Goodness definitely, he was also wearing a potcoin shirt.

Shawn Perez, a potcoin representative, revealed to The Post that the excursion would be a “peace mission,” however many speculated it was simply a trek to advance potcoin’s image.

ESPN columnist Darren Rovell tweeted that the advertising Rodman collected for potcoin at the time was worth $4.1 million.

In spite of the fact that Virginia Heffernan, manager at WIRED, figures the advertising would just have a counterproductive impact. Potcoin is, after all, attempting to upset payments (a genuine industry).

For the vast majority of Twitter clients, however, it was only a peculiar minute that is outrageous, and extremely difficult to process.

As it is presently, the cost of potcoin, which is positioned No. 315 on CoinMarketCap, spiked over the most recent 24 hours, as per ConMarketCap’s information.


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