The Crypto Space Welcomes More Japanese Public Companies has reported that six public companies are planning to enter the crypto space by launching their own cryptocurrency exchanges. Money Forward, a company that operates one of Japan’s most popular finance apps, is amongst those companies. Three other companies also made announcements of their wish to enter the crypto space with different product offerings.

#1. Samurai & J Partners;

Established in 1996, Samurai & J Partners (TYO:4764)offers investment banking, fintech, and IT services. Its website describes that the firm “invests in listed companies using the method called PIPE (private investment in public equity) investment.”

A subsidiary of the company operates a crowdfunding platform that “connects individuals wanting to manage assets and companies that need money.” The name of the platform is Samurai, and they already list a crypto-related fund dubbed the Virtual currency Mining Fund. The company indicated on its website that they have a new service for token offerings.

The firm has announced recently its plans to enter into a “money lending business for virtual currency holders.”

#2. Appbank Inc;

They plan, produce and manage content distribution such as through videos and live broadcasts of social games. Appbank Inc (TYO:6177) operates a gaming and smartphone-related media site dubbed The company was launched in October 2008 and the site claims to be “Japan’s largest iPhone media” service.

The company has announced last week the launch of its Virtual currency Distribution Content Platform called @Blast. The grand opening will be this month. The firm says; “@Blast is a web service platform that distributes virtual currencies through various content centered on games and entertainment.”

The company plans to “promote the spread of virtual currencies while providing users a place to interact with virtual currencies through this service,” by using this platform.

#3. I-Freek Mobile Inc;

I-Freek Mobile Inc (TYO:3845) is a provider of mobile content to cell phone users. The firm has announced recently that some modifications were brought to its Articles of Incorporation, to add “virtual currency exchange” business. The amended Articles are to be validated at the company’s general meeting of shareholders on June 27.

Minkabu publication quoted the company detailing: “We add virtual currency exchange business_[to expand] the content business of the company and its subsidiaries and [to] prepare for future business development.”


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