Zencash Hard Fork Is Finally Ready To Launch

The hard fork of the privacy-focused digital currency ZenCash (ZEN) which was planned for late June is here. Despite the fact that the date of the hard fork isn’t clear, it is required to be on June 26 which is only three days away.

In its official blog post, the company has shared that for as far back as a while, the software development team has been taking a shot at this. It has been accounted for as of now deployed onto the testnet. Addressing the issues that directly affect the execution and additionally the reliability of Zen’s blockchain, this update holds enormous value.

The idea behind this hard fork is to battle the control of ASIC miner which is from Bitmain. Its AntMiner Z9 Equihash ASIC miner has been planned to be delivered in late June. Aside from being 12 times more effective than GPU, its attention is on Equihash which is the hashing algorithm of ZenCash.

Also, with its capacity to keep up more than half of the mining hash rate, this miner can possibly influence the eventual fate of ZEN. In any case, the hard fork will guarantee that everybody is on the new software version.

The software upgrade will incorporate sapling, bitcoin software improvements, community contributions in Arizen, Swing, and Mobile wallets, secret ballot voting in favor of policy and spending, and scaling upgrades. The development will additionally include side chains and super node tracking and payment.

Once the upgrade happens, for each block made in ZenCash, 70% will go to miners while whatever is left of the 30% will be distributed into 10% each among secure node administrators, supernode administrators, and community funds.


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