Rapture Market Has Been Unavailable For More Than A Week Now

Darknet internet marketplace Rapture Market has been unavailable for more than a week now, leading to speculations like another DNM has committed an exit scam. At the moment, Rapture users and quite a lot of vendors are worried since the online marketplace has been becoming famous and gaining solid ratings with a decent uptime.

Rapture though has not been operational in a while now and people are beginning to believe another DNM has bitten the dust for a number of speculated reasons.

Today marks eight days now since Rapture Market and the forums associated to it have been online, and customers are growing concerned. Deep Dot Web, a news site dedicated to events in and surrounding the dark web featuring in-depth interviews and reviews about darknet markets.

This news site stated that the market is suffering from downtime and its 98 percent uptime rating has dropped to 97 percent. Rapture was launched back in January, however, it has not been around for as long as other markets like Dream and Wall Street. Rapture accepts both Bitcoin Core (BTC) and Monero (XMR) and since its establishment, the market has been given some quite good reviews and had a trusted vendor referral system and affiliate program.

Rapture also has more than 500 narcotic listings and other products. It also has an incorporated forum and messaging system which have also not been operational for over a week.

One customer of the marketplace wrote on the 15th of May, noting; Has anyone been in contact with any staff or is there a Rapture PGP signed message about downtime. I’ve looked but couldn’t find anything. It’s been down a day and a half now, just wondering if anyone knows if its legit downtime or possible exit scam.

After gaining a lot of good reviews on Deep Dot Web, recently Rapture has received some new ones from people asking why the online marketplace has been offline. Some Rapture users stated that the site will return soon and went on to say that the DNM has been suffering from DDoS attacks, among other issues.

This past Sunday, a user noted that the market is under DDoS owners are trying to get it back up no need for panic. Also another reviewer claims to have inside information detailing why the site has been unavailable noting; For security reasons I cannot reveal how I have this information but I have very credible sources and the site is fixing some bugs and taking the market offline; bugs are minor but there are a few so it is better to take offline and take care of them all at once. So just chill out it could take a couple of weeks to fix according to sources but the market maybe online before then but I do not have that information.




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