“Berlin is most important city in ‘blockchain cosmos’”-says Ethereum co-founder

Cointelegraph’s German portal Cointelegraph auf Deutsch carried a report a few days ago where it quoted Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin as saying that Berlin is the “most important city in the blockchain cosmos.”

Apparently, Lubin’s reasoning was because “”Berlin has the infrastructure, Berlin has the talent, [and] the really good programmers are here.” He also suggested that the government ought to initiate more blockchain promotional programs if it is interested in maintaining the current prestigious position it holds as the lead blockchain hub in the world.

Lubin who now spends more time on his personal company ConsenSys that specializes on app development on the Ethereum blockchain also told the German platform that the blockchain is still in its teething stages.

In the interview, he told Cointelegraph auf Deutsch that, “We’ve seen a lot of bubbles bursting, and will do so more often in blockchain and cryptocurrency. At $30, Bitcoin was a bubble, at $200 and at $20,000 even.”

Lubin also opined that the media attention that Bitcoin attracts is positive PR for the industry as a whole and has the potential to bring in a lot of money to investors.

In answering questions about the Ethereum network that he co-founded, Lubin told Cointelegraph that, [Ethereum] “enabled, essentially, billions of software engineers to not worry too much about what is going on the protocol layer and just build with tools similar to what they are used to using, when building web applications and mobile applications, and identify their own problem, and build their own solution.”

The FinTech entrepreneur further discussed his thoughts regarding where the internet is heading. While indicating that the “old web” was not perfect and marred with series of mistakes, Lubin decried the fact that control of data do not lie with the people who own the data but corporations that can benefit from such user data it retains on the unsuspecting populace. He also pointed out that old system also makes payments from one country to another very complex.


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