Twitter Drama, Direct Denial Of Service Attacks, Leader In A Critical Condition

On Friday, July 20th, ahead of a major promotional reveal, the multibillion-dollar smartphone cryptocurrency trading application executive was involved in a serious car accident. In an attempt to expand its services, the company has been starving itself to try new, innovative marketing. Saturday, early afternoon, its cross-promotion over several days at the Comic-Con International San Diego gathering was set to culminate. This gathering gathers about 300,000 cargo-shorts wearing nerds descending upon the city’s convention center and famed Gaslamp District. The company is in partnership with Lionsgate for the featuring of two products: the studio’s forthcoming movie and the app’s crypto platform. Social media were the medium used to lead fans in an effort to find money dropping off from campus in San Diego’s downtown neighboring. Friday at 1 am, hours to the final drop, the top trading app executive said in an email that he was involved in an accident and was sustaining injuries bad enough to ensure an emergency room visit. You got it right there; even in the trauma room for examination, the executive made sure to tender his apologies for not being able to make it at the final event. No doubt, such dedication is one of the pillars for the company’s success.

Mr. Wright, “the controversial once-thought-to-be-Satoshi-but-admitted-he-wasn’t and prolific academic entrepreneur,” recently bounced the voted one of the world’s top CEOs, founder of Gyft and Civic and also a Bitcoin Cash supporter: Vinny Lingham. It appears that he is clearing up follower space. Vin Armani was also recently excommunicated of CoinText fame by Mr. Wright. Amaury Séchet, a prominent Bitcoin Cash developer, has had enough already of Mr. Wright’s social media drama. Claims on how Bitcoin Cash is controlled or centralized are becoming more and more difficult to sustain. BCH fans are taking antagonistic sides on the coin going forward.

Talking about DDoS attacks, is an initial coin offering (ICO) that accepts bitcoin cash (BCH) and had previously hidden 5% post-deposit bonuses.  The Avinoc site was held up by a direct denial of service (DDoS) attack vector before its latest BCH faucet promotion could commence. This helps prevent customers from using the site (now closing in on 200,000). There are rumors that the company relocated its entry servers in anticipation of future fraudulent acts.

According to someone familiar with the matter explained that the attack lasted at least “a day. The website was down for several hours. Well, not really down, but unreachable. [The company] had another small one yesterday very early in the morning, but [they] were already able to handle that.”CEO of, Roger Ver, voiced exasperation and said, “The fact [attackers] are willing to do such things shows that their morals are in the wrong place.”

A person with firsthand knowledge noted that: “Everyone [at the company] is a huge Bitcoin Cash fan, but […] it can be dangerous to publicly state this. […] the token contract creation [was purposefully delayed] in the hope to have it working on BCH, but the May hard fork was too little. [The company hopes] that OP_GROUP will be added ASAP [so they] can eventually move [the project] from ETH to BCH.”


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