XRP Expected To Rise Soon As Positive News Begins To Trickle In Despite Coinbase’s Avoidance

A current survey led by Weiss Ratings on Twitter which was categorized into four options with ETH, XRP, BTC and “other” coins set Ripple in front of other digital currencies to move funds starting with one trade then onto the next around the globe. XRP led the pack with 78%, BTC had 6%, while Ethereum and ‘Other’ had 8% votes. 7,598 crypto devotees partook in the vote as XRP unmistakably emerged as an undoubted champion.

Which is best for moving funds between exchanges?

— Weiss Ratings (@WeissRatings) July 20, 2018

Weiss Ratings is a standout amongst the most presumed rating agencies for digital currency today. The platform promotes itself as in a general sense exceptional to any rating agency in the USA today. The platform says it is America’s solitary 100% independent rating agency covering an entire range of financial products including digital currencies, stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, insurance companies, banks, and credit unions.

Being what Weiss rating reputation is, this polls makes Ripple a standout amongst the most adored coins with regards to moving assets from one trade to other.

Wirex, which is one of the first class crypto debit card providers which is headquartered in London, has included a Ripple Wallet (XRP) to its platform. The company has delivered on their guarantee to its current 1.7 million customers in 130 nations, who presently enabled to spend XRP utilizing their current Wirex Visa Card.

Wirex’ mission is to easily associate fiat and digital currencies to allow multi-cash accounts and an extensive variety of exchange-related services. Being one of the world’s first company that offers a Wirex Visa Card enabling its holders to exchange and spend digital currencies in a split second and effectively, Wirex had added another feature to its cap and separated itself from its rivals bringing cryptocurrencies like XRP into the mainstream.


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