Research Finds Number Of Crypto Funds By 2017 Has Gone Beyond 300

The quantity of digital currency funds has fundamentally extended as of late, developing by 456% since the end of 2016, and 791% since the end of 2015 – as indicated by Autonomous Next.


Regardless of the turning point, 2018 has so far delivered the most reduced rate increment in the quantity of digital currency funds year-over-year, with the quantity of crypto funds developing by 124% heading into 2015, 30% heading into 2016, 60% heading into 2017, and 348% at the toward the end of a year ago.


By far most of the new funds started operations amid the second quarter of 2018. Amid the first quarter, just 20 new funds opened their doors, while 9 funds stopped trading. As indicated by the report, “The number of crypto funds is highly correlated with both ICO fundraising and the market cap of [BTC].”


Autonomous Next estimates that the aggregate sum managed by all digital currency funds is around between $7.5 billion and $10 billion.


The report additionally finds that the crypto fund industry is very centralized, approximating that the 10 biggest firms oversee around 43% of the firms’ account and that the 50 biggest firms represent 80% of managed capital.


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