Bitcoin Wallet To Include 50K Users Per Day

Cryptocurrency wallet Blockchain is including 50,000 users per day following the recent crypto market decline.

Blockchain CEO and Co-founder Peter Smith posting on his Twitter account made this release that also seemed to have involved Coinbase.

Speaking in an interview with Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong in where he mentioned that Coinbase was including 50,000 new users’ pear day following 2017’s bitcoin rally, Smith tweeted that Blockchain is presently trying to increase the number of new users daily mans that the help will make it possible for them to use and engage practically with crypto as opposed to other unspecified use cases.

Spectators are possibly going to take the statement as a shot at Coinbase for obviously aiding people to enter the crypto space for speculative reasons, rather than practical reasons. The effects, basically are what Smith was mentioning that the trading and investment heavy Coinbase model does not essentially help the long-term usage of crypto, and it might lead to a decline in the crypto industry.

Blockchain obviously does not seem ready to participate in a little self-promotion every now and then. Smith’s statement, even though difficult to prove is in line with the company’s aggressive development opinion, which recently witnessed it reach the milestone of 25 million wallets.

The company gives users the chance to send, receive, trade and store their cryptocurrency which establishes it strongly within ‘Coinbase competitor’ space. For the time being, it seems to be holding more than its own, since effectively closing a $40 million Series B funding round led by Google last year.


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