XRP Becomes A Hot Commodity

The purposes behind this essentially are the two developments; the move towards decentralization and implementation of Codius.

To start with, with regards to Codius, it is an open source secure hosting platform that is accessible for any individual who needs to host or built a smart contract. This implies individuals won’t need to build from the ground up and experimentation on blockchain would be accessible all the more broadly.

With respect to the decentralized section, a dubious point, as of late Ripple’s CEO and CTO additionally underlined XRP being decentralized and not a security. David Schwartz, the CTO even said XRP is more decentralized than Bitcoin and Ethereum. Obviously, enhanced decentralization altogether helped in kicking up it’s appraising a notch.

In the ongoing occasions, Weiss Ratings has become massively amiable towards XRP which have been impelled forward with a Tweet.

Later on, they balance things out after Juan Villaverde has said: “My positive comments about #XRP have been blown way out of proportion. We have pointed out its shortcomings and benefits. Again – we never take money from issuers or coins period. We do our research and that forms our opinion.”

Making advances toward decentralization and further strengthening the way that XRP isn’t a security will help in boosting its listing by the crypto exchanges. In addition, Codius implementation and more extensive adoption of xRapid will unquestionably have an impact in driving the XRP prices up.


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