Berlin Named as The Most Important City In The Blockchain Cosmos By Joseph Lubin

Joseph Lubin, the co-founder of Ethereum alluded to Berlin as “the most important city in the blockchain cosmos”, Cointelegraph auf Deutsch published on July 25.

Lubin explained that “Berlin has the infrastructure, Berlin has the talent, the really good programmers are here.” Lubin included that, if Berlin needed to keep up its status as a blockchain hub, “the government needs to set up more programs to promote blockchain.”

According to Lubin, blockchain is still in its outset. The Ethereum co-founder, who is now focusing  on app development on the Ethereum blockchain with his organization ConsenSys, stated:

“We’ve seen a lot of bubbles bursting, and will do so more often in blockchain and cryptocurrency. At $30, Bitcoin was a bubble, at $200 and at $20,000 even.”

Despite the fact that he is less inspired by cryptocurrencies, the promotion surrounding Bitcoin is definitely not awful, as per Lubin, because it will convey more money to the market and drive technology forward.

Lubin’s principle concern is developing the following phase of the Internet, which he alludes to as Web 3.0. According to Lubin, the “old web” has excessive mistakes; individuals don’t have control over their data, which means organizations can profit by client information, and there is no quick system for settling the cross-border payment.

Lubin stated, “We have to get away from silos, from companies that collect data and make money, and people should have that back in their hands.”

In a meeting with Cointelegraph, Lubin said that when Vitalik Buterin thought of the description for the Ethereum platform, “It was essentially the most elegant, the most powerful description of a blockchain platform up to that point.”

Lubin included that Ethereum, “enabled, essentially, billions of software engineers to not worry too much about what is going on the protocol layer and just build with tools similar to what they are used to using, when building web applications and mobile applications, and identify their own problem, and build their own solution.”






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