Coinbase Research Reveals 42% Of Top 50 Universities Offer At Least One Crypto-Related Class

An ongoing report by the U.S. crypto exchange Coinbase has demonstrated that 42 percent of the world’s best 50 universities have no less than one class on cryptocurrencies or blockchain. The results of the study were published on Coinbase’s official blog on Tuesday, August 28.

The study was together led by Coinbase and Qriously. Together they met 675 U.S. university students and evaluated courses at 50 universities abroad.

Of the 172 classes explored in the examination, 15 percent were offered by economics, finance, law and business sectors, while 4 percent were in social science departments.

The investigation has discovered that blockchain-and crypto-related courses are most prominent in the U.S. Just five of the 18 colleges assessed that work outside of the United States offers no less than one class on these subjects.

Blockchain-related courses are way more popular at the Stanford and Cornell universities – numbered 10 and 9 separately. The University of Pennsylvania and the National University of Singapore take after with their individual 6 and 5 courses.

Dawn Song, a computer science professor at Berkeley, disclosed to Coinbase that her course “Blockchain, Cryptoeconomics, and the Future of Technology, Business and Law” was very famous and that teachers needed to dismiss more than 200 students studies based on the fact that their classroom could just hold 70:

“Blockchain combines theory and practice and can lead to fundamental breakthroughs in many research areas. It can have really profound and broad-scale impacts on society in many different industries.”

Prior in August, Cointelegraph revealed that the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Business School had gotten a $20 million blockchain research grant. Likewise, toward the beginning of August, Turkey built up its first university-level blockchain research center to guarantee wide organization of the innovation.


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