Kidbizo ICO 40 Million In Commitments In Less Than A Week creating ICO history

With Initial Coin Offerings becoming more commonplace as companies and start-ups use the opportunity of cryptocurrency investment as a way of raising vital development funding, the risks for investors are numerous.

If the tokens purchased go down in value, the investor loses out – if the token value goes up, they win.

Imagine, then, if that risk was taken away?

What if you only paid for your tokens once they had doubled in value or sometime in the future when you have had better data points to make the right decision?

Too good to be true? Must be a catch?

You’d imagine so, yet Kidbizo are doing exactly that with their ICO – and the best thing is, it an idea dreamed up by the very kids who are part of the company’s innovative entrepreneurial themed academy.

Kidbizo with it’s kid coin, it seems, are about to turn ICOs on their head with a genuinely ground-breaking move that will offer investors a risk-free opportunity to double their investment before parting with a dime.

Headed up by serial entrepreneur Rocky Mirza, Kidbizo is bringing education kicking and screaming into the world of today, not the tired old curriculum of the past.

The future is digital and technology – not exactly a revelation, but are schools really preparing our children for what lies ahead?

“Educational systems are currently failing our children,” says CEO and founder Rocky Mirza. “The emphasis on content learning as opposed to skills-based learning may have suited society a hundred years ago but right now we are educating kids for jobs that will not only not exist when they join the work force but for jobs we can barely guess at.

“The educational systems currently in place are only fit for an industrial age – and are not fit for a yet to be imagined digital future, we need to prepare children  on critical thinking, communication, collective collaboration, and creativity..”

Kidbizo is already creating the entrepreneurs of tomorrow with more than 1,000 kids already being taught via video learning on a weekly basis and gaining information and advice from mentors and experts in every field of business.

Kidbizo were determined there would be no risk for investors when the company launched its own ICO and so came up with a scheme that will literally turn the cryptocurrency world upside down.

Contributors are asked to invest $5,000 – but they are not asked to part with money (coin or fiat) until the value of the token DOUBLES and stays at that level for two weeks.

“This is a classic case of the tail wagging the dog – our young bosses have turned the risk issue from ICOs on its head in a simple reorganisation of the money flow,” says Mirza. “It’s stunningly simple – protect those who invest. Win/win for everyone and kids aged 10 and under thought of it.”

Once the investment had doubled, the investor then has the option of paying for their original purchase – for example, if an investment of $5,000 is made, only when the token value of the investment reaches $10,000 will the option be available to be exercised – the purchase price would be $5,000 for an investment that had already doubled in value.

The Kidbizo ICO is an option, not a commitment – if investors decide to walk away from the opportunity once the token has doubled in value, they can do exactly that without any cost. More than 40 million has been committed in less than a week.

“I grabbed $5,000 worth of tokens without paying anything and don’t have to pay anything in the future if i don’t want to. Where do I lose. Why wouldn’t I grab it”. Says, Simon Dixon who works with the city of London.

Mirza added: “This had never been done before, but it is a testament to our position as thought-leaders in everything we do. Our belief in our program is total – and we don’t ask investors to gamble on our project – token pledge holders have the opportunity to see how we do in the future and then decide.”

A fantastic entrepreneurial journey for kids, the tools to become a success in business and an investment that is true and too good to ignore.


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