Study Proves About 66% Of The Community Would Prefer To Obtain Their Wages In Cryptocurrency

Not so long ago, a survey was done by a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts which discovered that up to 66 percent of the cryptocurrency community would prefer to obtain their wages with these new assets than fiat. Companies and projects wishing to attract the best and brightest young talent need to offer bitcoin salaries. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts from a human resources company called Chronobank conducted a study that consists of up to 445 cryptocurrency fanatics.

Chronobank has done a survey of up to 445 cryptocurrency enthusiasts from all over the world that includes the US, Russia, Australia, etc to learn more about their work preferences. The Cryptocurrency Compensation Survey disclosed that the majority of the community would be willing to receive part or all of their wages in Bitcoin or in other digital currencies. The survey revealed that about 66 percent of those surveyed wanted their employers to embrace the change and responded that they personally would be willing to receive wages in cryptocurrencies. Up to 83 percent of respondents said they were more than happy to receive their bonus payments in digital currencies. In addition to that, 72 percent of those part of the study said they would prefer an employer who has a salary payment option in cryptocurrency when choosing their next place of employment.

A good number of the respondents to the survey believe in the growth of the value of digital assets in the near future. In this manner, only a fifth showed that they would convert some of their cryptocurrency wages into fiat. Up to 50 percent of them think that obtaining a salary in cryptocurrency would help them spend less and only 19 percent would go on to use it to make transactions. As for the youths, that is those in the 18-24 age group, the number of long-term holders is even higher at 60 percent.

The study also discovers with respect to the markets that will switch to the payment of salaries in digital currencies, Japan came in first with up to 32 percent. The United States and South Korea were next in line with 15 percent respectively. However, US respondents believe more in South Korea (25%) than in Japan (13%). In Russia, 47 percent that Japan is the dominant leader of the industry. And 57 percent of respondents are also confident that such initiatives will positively affect the economic growth of countries who adopt them. Interestingly, 65 percent of those part of the survey in the US stated they are willing to pay taxes on crypto salaries compared with Russia where only 30% responded the same.


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