Coinbase Introduces Poor Man’s Crypto Index Fund For Retail Buyers

Coinbase is launching a couple of new initiatives developed to increase its market share.

The recent update dubbed “Coinbase Bundles” refers to the pre-packaged collection of five cryptocurrencies available for purchase on Coinbase. The Bundle includes Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Ethereum Classic (ETC).

A bundle of five cryptocurrencies goes for a low fee of $25. With the present market cap used in totaling a varied portfolio of cryptocurrencies available for purchase with a series of a couple of taps, Coinbase will save customers a lot of trouble.

It is the wish of the exchange to launch a new update to its U.S., E.U, and U.K markets in the coming weeks. Currently, the digital asset platform is yet to make a maximum purchase size for a Bundle, however, there are daily purchase limits on a per customer basis for the time being. When a customer buys a Bundle, it will be stored on their Coinbase wallet, where it can be purchased, sold, sent or received as an individual asset.

The digital asset platform will also organize Information Asset Pages on the leading 50 digital currencies on its platform, together with a new section, known as “Coinbase Learn,” which will help educate first time buyers about cryptocurrency. The Vice President and General Manager of Coinbase Consumer Dan Romero noted that the potential of people to understand, explore and choose cryptocurrency would go far in determining the likelihood of an open financial system coming to reality.

“We expect that millions of people will make their first cryptocurrency purchase in the coming years. But all too often, getting started can be overwhelming for people learning about crypto for the first time.”

The Information Asset Pages will offer customers with all information regarding the top leading 50 cryptocurrencies according to market cap. Customers can learn about cryptocurrencies that are neither up for purchase nor sale on Coinbase.  The page will also equip its users with data on historical trading data, present market cap and referral links to project websites.

According to Romero, the new Coinbase Learn section would be completely emphasized to educate first-timers on cryptocurrency. It also offers solutions to frequently asked questions.


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