Pornhub Subscribers Hesitant On Paying With Cryptocurrencies

Pornhub has reported that “less than 1 percent of purchases [are] made” on the website with supported cryptocurrencies. In April, the site began with the alternative to pay with Verge (XVG). Pornhub went ahead to launch support for Tron and ZenCash in June. These are the only three supported cryptocurrencies.

Pornhub disclosed the finding in an email to The Next Web’s Hard Fork.

Tron, ZenCash, and Verge were all affected by the steep bear market of 2018 for bitcoin and altcoins. Given that only three new coins are supported is out of the usual. But all three coins paid Pornhub a large amount for the listing. Pornhub’s statistics, therefore, does not act as a complete guide to the status of general usage, particularly since they do not support bitcoin or ethereum. Joined together, both bitcoin and ethereum now dominate more than 61 percent of the market.

Equally, Tron’s market cap accounts for about 0.006 percent of the overall cryptocurrency market cap. Verge has a market cap of $219,596,525, about 0.001 percent of the total. The market cap of ZenCash which is about $80,282,193 accounts for only 0.0004 percent of the total.

To top it up, the 2018 bear market has so far experienced a steep decline in altcoin usage and dapp visitors.


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