A Report Finds The Crypto Job Market Flourishing

According to a report based on a large sample of online job postings, 1,775 openings in the US including the terms “Bitcoin,” “cryptocurrency” and “blockchain” were identified as of August 2018. Just a year earlier, we had 446 such ads.

The researchers said: “continued growth in job openings suggests that blockchain employers remain confident in the market opportunity and continue to make long-term investments in their teams.”

Statistics show that New York City and San Francisco are the best locations in which you can find a job in the US cryptocurrency industry. They account respectively for 24 percent and 21 percent of all jobs openings. The top five cities have a 59 percent dominance of all job openings on the Glassdoor website (a California-based company that runs a recruiting and employer-review website). The top five includes San Jose, Chicago, Seattle and of course New York and San Francisco. London is at the top of the list of cities outside of the US, with 189 job openings, then follows Singapore, Toronto, and Hong Kong.

There are about 15 companies that are searching for new recruits. Consensys and IBM both have 214 related job listings. Coinbase is third in position, with 63 related vacancies. There are other familiar names on the lsist like Kraken, Circle, Bitgo, and Abra.

For all job seekers in the crypto world, acquiring skills in software programming is actually a very good advantage. Software engineers are the most demanded individuals. Such jobs account for 19 percent of all listings. There are more specialized positions. Such include vacancies for front-end engineers and technology architects. Such engineering-related positions represent 55 percent of the whole crypto-jobs segment.

The median base salary, as identified by the researchers in their study, is $84,884 per year in the cryptocurrency industry. It is way higher than the US median salary of $32,423. The report, however, calls for people’s attention, as the range of jobs available is wide, this means that salaries can range widely from just $36,046 to $223,667 per year.

The researchers explained: “The reason we see higher salaries for blockchain jobs is due to the location and nature of the jobs available. High cost-of-living cities like New York City and San Francisco dominate the blockchain job market and employers there must offer higher salaries in order to attract talent. Additionally, high skill occupations like software engineers already demand high salaries, compounding this location effect.”

“After accounting for those effects, the high salaries we see for these roles are not unusual.”


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