Paris Based Business School Now Accepts Cryptocurrency For Fee Payments

Sometime this week, a business school located in Paris called Financia Business School now allows students to pay their fees in cryptocurrency. This school also offers post-graduate courses in financial and blockchain technology. So far so good, since the institution introduced the measure, about half a dozen students have paid in BTC for the 2018 academic year.

About a quarter of the Financia Business School’s enrolment is foreign, with many students having to shoulder complex and punitive money transfer costs. Now that the school accepts cryptocurrency as payments for fees, it makes it way easier for foreign students to cut these costs and transact with ease, as noted by the institution.

Students who want to pay in BTC can do that by using Coin Capital, a startup specializing in digital assets along with blockchain technology. The institution has a partnership with Coin Capital to give strength to fee payment processes.

One of the foreign students enrolled at the school, Adam Hasib is one of the early adopters to the cryptocurrency tuition payments. Sometime last year he got his first BTC, relishes being able to register with the school while getting added value on his digital currency investment too.

Mr. Hasib made a statement on an online French education platform called Studyrama. “I became interested in this technology early on and quickly became a staunch supporter of blockchain’s decentralized model. By June 2017, I had acquired my first bitcoins, which allowed me to pay the registration deposit at school… I just had to contact the administration to get wallet address before making my deposit.”

Financia Business noted that it was committed to embracing emerging technologies within the financial sector, hence its early development of a blockchain curriculum. It is set to complement the cryptocurrency fee facility with a raft of blockchain-inspired administrative innovations. These will include the creation of a token for the payment of services within the school and partner intuitions; the launch of proof of concept around blockchain projects by and for students; the reinforcement of courses on the blockchain, initial coin offering, and other related issues.

Financia Business School’s approval of virtual currency fees could be a wave as legacy institutions of higher learning continue to show interest in blockchain technology.

Back in August, a study was released which discovered that among the world’s most distinguished higher learning institutions. Institutions like Stanford University provides the most cryptocurrency and blockchain courses. Also, the survey also found that 42 percent of the world’s top 50 universities now offer at least one blockchain or crypto-related class.


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