Alberta Strains With Overall National Housing Permits

In the month of November, the permits that were given out for latest housing in Canada went down by 1.6 per cent to $5.1 billion, with heavy impacts from the fall in single-family home permits in Alberta.

There was a decline of 2 per cent from the month before in the permits issued for single-family homes which amounted to $2.8 billion according to Statistics Canada. There was an offsetting increase in seven regions by a major loss in Alberta.

The imminent alteration to the provincial building code attributed majorly to the sharp decline in the value of permit that was issued in Alberta from the month of October, down by 36.2 per cent, as a result of that, the permit issuance in that month was higher.

 From that same month, the permit issuance throughout Canada for the multifamily dwelling was down by 1 per cent, amounting it to $2.4 billion. A report was made by six provinces about decline, with Alberta and Ontario taking the lead. The construction intentions for non-residential buildings was up by 3 per cent to $2.6 billion, with five provinces experiencing gains, with a decline in Alberta’s total.


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