Canadian businesses advance through the use of AI

Artificial intelligence is the new weapon Canadian business owners are making use of to improve on their customer experience with an increasing number of Canadians adjusting to the new trend. And even though people do not realize it, they are in some way affected by some form of artificial intelligence.

With this in mind, it’s high time that businesses across the country to also recognize the importance of this trend as it provides business owners with valuable customer information that cannot be obtained elsewhere.

Businesses can now get to know where customers reside, there preferred shopping mall or their choice of eat outs. Artificial intelligence gives creates a link between business owners and customers to bridge a deeper understanding in providing satisfactory services to customers.

But this is one made possibly through strong IT systems which can make valid projections based on information gathered on customers. And this is how artificial intelligence comes into the picture.

In simple terms, it is a computerized system whereby, data obtained from a large number of people is used to accurately determined the trend and likes of customers while also giving out various options as to how to meet up to the demands of customers.

A good example is Netflix which makes use of this system to provide its customers with different viewing recommendations for subscribers. Goggle has also jumped board by providing drivers with alternative routes to get to their homes when there is a traffic jam.

With the help of AI, auto makers, Tesla and Ford have already made plans to provide customers with self-driving cars in the coming years.

This just shows the extent, to which high tech solutions can be right for businesses across the country and according to reports from the International Data Corporation, close to $31.3 billion is projected to be used on this system by 2019.

Smart business leaders will definitely take advantage of this system to development on their customer service provision an d also improve on their interaction with customers through sales, marketing and customer services.

This year, Ai is expected to increase in customer experience by coming to their aid even before they request for it.

Furthermore, AI will also aid businesses to get rid of their old data which may business amass over the years and are consider irrelevant or outdated. But with the help of AI, businesses can get recent data with the use of services like cloud, social, mobile and Internet if Things.


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