4 Tell-tale Signs You’re Having Wool Pulled Over Your Eyes: Tips For Renters

‘All that glitters is not gold’ not only refers to people; it could also be very true of a house you’re considering renting. Many houses that look attractive and have attractive rents have may have hidden flaws that landlords would do anything for you to not see. In order to make sure aesthetic looks and cheap rents don’t make you end up with a house having numerous issues, here are some things to look out for:

#1. Pregnant walls

Pregnant walls are walls whose wallpaper or paint is bulging. This is because that’s an important sign of water collection. Water collection in the walls of your new house is not something you want to have to deal with for any period of time.

#2. Algae signs on the walls or on the ceilings

Algae signs on the walls or the ceilings might be hidden underneath a fresh coat of paint. They are however visible in corners and hidden spaces so check them out. Algae signs on the walls or ceilings indicate a house that might not have been properly cared for. They might also indicate that the house has a leaking roof.

#3. Broken window panes

Broken window panes are not as visible as you think. This is especially true if there are curtains up. Therefore, be sure to check the panes of all the windows as well as the integrity of the doors of the houses. If the house doesn’t use panes, check the sliding mechanism of the windows and makes sure they are not faulty and the windows actually open and close.

#4. No water running

There is no excuse for the water not to run. If for some reason you are unable to test the sink faucets and the taps, then be suspicious. Although it is not always the case, this might mean there are some plumbing problems that the landlord doesn’t want you to find out about.

#5. Itchy chairs

Try to sit on the sofa or the chairs. You want to make sure that your apartment is not flee infested before signing the lease. It is better for you to deal with the itching before you make a commitment towards the apartment. In addition, check for signs of rodents or other pests such as bite marks, or even feces.


The fact that a house looks beautiful and the price is unbelievable doesn’t always mean you have gotten a good deal. As you go house hunting, remember to use these tips to ensure you don’t get deceived into paying for a headache.


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