7 Steps to Stage Your Home Like a Pro

Have you ever wished to sell your house but feared it is in too bad a condition to attract buyers? Have you ever wished could stage your home like a professional but couldn’t because of a budget constraint? Worry no more because in this article we are going to give you 7 very easy baby steps to give your home the perfect makeover without breaking your piggy bank and then getting top dollar for it.

#1. Free up space.

You wouldn’t want the first interested person in your house to meet the place all jumbled up. Creating space is an integral step in staging your home as you can’t decorate a tight, cluttered up space. Get rid of stuff you don’t need and pack away things that are valuable to you. That way when the time comes to move you’d have been already packed.

#2. Lights and Mirrors.

Mirrors add a little bit a beauty to your home but that’s not the only thing it does it only has a deceptive element as it makes the room larger than it seems. Lighting is also important as it adds spark and gloss to the house. Things like Chandelier brings both lighting and beauty to the room.

#3. Good Smell.

Everyone likes a good smell lingering about their house. It gives you that confident and comfortable feeling and makes you feel at home. Put air fresheners in the living room, bed rooms and don’t forget the toilets. That might just be your perfect selling point to buyers.

#4. Clean linens.

Get your fresh pair of linens out, if you don’t have any go buy some more. Decorate your beds, change the curtains and get clean pairs of towel and hand towel.

#5. Get rid of personal stuff.

As you decorate and move things around in the house keep in mind that you are decorating the house for potential buyers not yourself. So stuff that have sentimental value to you, maybe a picture of your parents or your graduation picture or even your first ever trophy should be put away. Buyers will want to see a house that they can easily adjust to their own liking not one that reminds them of the previous owner.

#6. Show them Special features of the house.

It always helps when your house has that bit of uniqueness about it. Buyers always want something that’s different from what others are offering. So if your house has a great and exclusive view of the city, or swimming pool on the roof or a hidden room behind the cupboard, don’t let them leave without seeing it. It might just heighten their interest or even heighten the price.

Bright Colors.

Don’t bring buyers in a dull and boring looking house it will certainly put them off.Add color to the house by painting the house or decorating the lawn with bright beautiful flowers, just something that will stand out and stick to the buyer’s mind.

Finally, staging your home up may seem expensive or even unnecessary to some people, it is anything but. You can renovate your house like a pro on a shoestring budget and it will be definitely be worth your while. It might even add value to your house and you can have the bargaining power with buyers all you have to do is follow seven simple rules.


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