Landlords And Real Estate Agents Use Pokémon Go To Help Sell Homes

The release of the ultra successful, mobile gaming app Pokémon Go has it quickly become the latest tool to be used in the world of real estate.

The app, which crashed servers in Canada within an hour after its announcement, has quickly becomewidely popularlar phenomenon. Landlords and real estate agents alike are already capitalizing on the evident hype surrounding the game, as some houses being listed nowadays have included Pokémon Go Gyms, Pokéstops and even certain Pokémons as potential selling points.

The trend has become relatively popular particularly in the United States.  Two homes in Redmond, Washington, and Mary Esther, Florida have included Pokémon content in their ads as a means of attracting customers. Although the rate of success in Pokémon Go related ads is not yet known, it sure makes them a bit more humorous if not intriguing to read.

Despite seeing a release in Canada only on Sunday, there has been at least one home in Saanich, New Brunswick that has already enlisted the help of the colourful “Pocket Monsters” as a possible route for sale.

As reported by CTV News, realtor Ira Willey has stated the Saanich home is on the market but added amusingly that there will be a bonus for purchasers with an interest in all things Pokémon.

The house currently has a listing price of $578,000.


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