Economists Suggests Ottawa Should Focus On Supply

There should be more concentration on the lack of sufficient houses by the government policymaker, but all they are worried about is trying to control and have demands regulated; said the economists working at National Bank Financial.

From the report made by Marc Pinsonneault and Warren Lovely, they gathered information and highlighted the $120 billion that the real estate industry is making in revenue for the country’s governments. According to them, the government shouldn’t play with this sector because a lot of cash is coming in the country from the money the real estate industry is making. Thus, they warned and advised that “this is one cash cow you don’t want to tip over.”

Luckily for some housing markets, the prices of houses are very well affordable and on the low side. Economists gave suggestions that boosting up the supply of houses will ensure extra cash enters the country, especially for the levels of the government and administration.


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