Impact Of The Canada Post Strike

If Canada Post becomes affected by the job action, not only will the letters which are to be delivered  be affected but also the little packages that should be carried by mail. It has now come down to whether or not Canada Post will give in to job action which will be dictated on the final day, an effort to carry out threat by the Union itself, which will in fact cause Canada Post to close down the post office and end any delivery services as well as lock the union out.

Small businesses will be the ones to suffer from this hit, especially with the weak economy. As a result, they won’t be able to handle the effect of the strike. An appeal was made by EBay on behalf of many other small scale businesses that have their things sold on EBay. However, Amazon will be greatly affected by this, as they also deliver to small scale businesses apart from the huge number of households daily.

EBay has called on the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to do something about the uncertainty of the marketplace and the fear that now grips many. It has also asked many of its online sellers to sign a petition as well. Although the head of the Canada Post Union said that the job action that has been planned will not affect the Canada post customers much, the spokesperson of the Post Office, Jon Hamilton said a job action will impact the business greatly whether they like it or not.

For the meantime, people are wondering why the Postal Union has bothered itself with the cause of postal workers working in the rural end and definite annuity plans for the latest employees, a tug of war which they seem to be losing.


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