Former-Montreal Mayor will not Plead his Sentence

Former- Montreal mayor Michael Applebaum who was found guilty on 8 corruption-related charges last month refuses to plead on his sentence.

Applebaum was granted 30 days to put forward an appeal against the court’s sentence on January 26 by Louise Provost Quebec Court Judge.

Applebaum took over the mayor office in 2013, after the previous mayor was ordered to step down on account on corruption claims. Michael Applebaum took office with the promise to put to rest all the corruption scandals in the province.

However, barely seven months after taking office, he was arrested on allegations which were from his time as a town mayor of Cote-des-Nieges-Notre-Dame-de-Grace.  He was found wanting for receiving rebound worth close to $33,000, as a reward for granting favors for resident real estate developers and engineering firms from 2006 to 2012.

In addition, he was also facing 14 charges for being part of a scheme, breach of trust and corruption. In the end, he was only charged for 8 corruption charges.

Applebaums’s trail came to an end in November last year following seven days of testimony from five prosecution witness.  No witnesses were called by the defense team and Applebaum was not called to testify.

Applebaum is expected by in court March 30 for final sentencing and the maximum he could get is five years in prison.

Regardless, the Crown is requesting for two years of prison and two years of probation, while his defense lawyer Pierre Teasdale proposes a  12 to 15- month mixed sentence, including a combination of community service, probation and jail time.


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