Taxpayers to be rewarded in B.C. Budget

With the British Columbia provincial elections just three months away, the Liberals is playing out is goods cards by giving back to taxpayers what is expected to be approximately $2.2 billion budget surplus.

Although this is good news for smaller retailers, it is however trickier than it seems as there are a lot of people waiting to benefit for it and for the fifth consecutive year, the city has a surplus.

Earlier on, it was announced that disability payments will be increased alongside opioid overdose funds and also funds spent on school supply budgets.

But for the president of the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation, Glen Hansman, they long to see more investment for classrooms.  The province has been lagging behind other provinces in terms of education and funds given by the government would be used to employ more teachers.

Aside from that, there are other very relevant issues in regards to education that needs to be addressed such as a new curriculum for all subject areas and all grade level.  The schooling system in the province needs more money to be able to achieve all of the developments that have not yet taken place.

Furthermore, Hansman suggests that the government should be wise about its spending is surplus. The government needs to reinvest in public services in the province that are essential to the growth and development of children, seniors and those in need of healthcare.

However, the main focus of the government has been on the Canadian real estate sector where home prices had become very unaffordable and this is expected to be the main topic in the B.C.’s budget.

Even everyone is hopeful that the British Columbia government budget will benefit them in some sort of way; the senior population is also very concerned about the new budget to be announced.  British Columbia has the largest aging population than other provinces hence its very vital for the government to take them into consideration.


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