Political storm in the province of Quebec

On Highway 13 in Montreal, hundreds of civilians had to be rescued but hardly anyone in power or in the government even realized for hours. The government of the province of Quebec has taken action in the response. Most critics and civilians of Quebec said that if the province of Quebec was going through an election campaign then this would be the final days of the Phillipe Couillard who is the premier of the province of Quebec and the leader of Quebec’s Liberal Party. People say that Couillard and his Liberal governmet would not have survived this situation. Some other people found it unbelievable that the government did not do anything to get the motorists out for twelve hours. The amazing thing to most of the motorist stuck on the highway was that they were stuck right in the middle of civilization (the downtown core of Montreal) but yet it took twelve hours to get them out. They might as well have been stuck in the North Pole or a desert.

The roadblock was caused by two trucks that were stuck by the snow on the highway at a rush hour. Even though it was discovered that traffic on the highway was no moving and cars were stuck, the highway was kept open and cars kept joining the endless queue.

The department, Transport Quebec, which was responsible for co-coordinating the response to snowstorms, was not even aware half of the time that people were stuck on the highway. It was the morning of the next day that the fire department of the city of Montreal decided to intervene and help solve the chaos. A number of about 300 hundred people had to be rescues. The motorists hat were stuck on the road were completely offended at Coillard’s ignorance.


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