Air Canada Ranks as Top North American Airline by Skytrax

In a 2017 survey by Skytrax, an international transport rating organization, Air Canada is now ranked as the best airline in North America.

Skytrax holds an annual World Airline Awards and this is the sixth time in eight years Air Canada has won the designation.

A survey was made by Skytrax asking over 19.87 million online customers to nominate their favorite airline and to rank their satisfaction with the airline’s services including check-in, seat comfort, quality of meals and friendliness of in-cabin staff. Air Canada came out on top of all the other 100 airlines worldwide. Qatar Airways came first, Air Canada ranked 29th, WestJet ranked 58th, and Air Transat 70th. When it came to American carriers, Delta scored 32nd, southwest Airlines 54th, American Airlines 74th and United 78th.

“We are delighted to be recognized as the best airline in North America by Skytrax based on the opinions of those who know us best: our customers,” said Air Canada CEO Calin Rovinescu.

Pollster David, CEO of Abacus Data in Ottawa, says that the outcome of results can vary depending on the type of questions asked and the order in which they’re asked.

“If we relate it back to political polling, there are times in which one poll says the Liberals are ahead and another poll says the Conservatives are ahead. How can those possibly both be true? The answer becomes it’s about methodology, it’s about the assumptions the researchers make and the design of the study.”

‘Air Canada customer Neil Crone was recently bumped from an overbooked Air Canada Flight and spent 12 hours of his vacation at Toronto’s Pearson airport’, Report says.

Crone says he’s not surprise Air Canada won top marks. He says air Canada may beat other airlines in customer satisfaction but that’s not much. “The best of a bad lot, maybe,” he says. “The food is crappy across the board, they jam you in on pretty much airline you’re on. Flying just isn’t nearly as fun as it used to be.”


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