Gun Smuggler Prosecuted in Canada

Prosecutors previously mentioned that a Montreal man was dropped at the U.S. to confront charges after underground market handguns into Canada, together with some that were covered up inside the toilet of a library that straddles the countries’ fringe. Alexis Vlachos, 40, was arrested in Canada abated by U.S. experts on the 30th of last month.


Between July 2010 to April of 2011, Vlachos worked with others to get about one hundred handguns that had been bought from authorized merchants in Sunshine State into Canada by means of Vermont as U.S. prosecutors previously mentioned.


Specialists say that in one occurrence, Vlachos recovered handguns that had been left for him inside the Haskell Library that straddles the outskirt in plug cap Line, Vt., and Stanstead, Quebec. The entryway to the library is in Vermont and Canadians will visit the library while not investigating a port of passage. The U.S. lawyer neglected to state when Vlachos’s arrest took place.


He claimed to he was not guilty earlier on in Court at Vermont, and he was being given an incomplete trial. His lawyer neglected to answer any questions put forward. In the event that he is liable, Vlachos will have to face up to twenty years in prison.


Canadian government officials have long blamed weapons bootleg market in wildly from the U. S. for firearm savagery in Canada. Ownership of such weapons is seriously confined in Canada.


The five-count 2015 government prosecution as a detriment to Vlachos previously mentioned he offered cash to a Sunshine State woman and someone else to look for bound handguns. The weapons were obtained inside the city, Fla., space so dropped at Vermont via car, agents aforementioned.


On March 25, 2011, Vlachos professedly recovered a knapsack containing various handguns that had been left in the washroom of the Haskell Library and took them back to Canada without experiencing a port of section. It is claimed that Vlachos conveyed handguns into Canada in April 2011 by climbing over a fringe in a remote segment of north-eastern Vermont.


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