Male Dominated Jobs Are Disappearing

Canadians most especially males are growing concern about the rapid change in the job market. Jobs in male-dominated trades are slowly fading away whereas there are more openings in female-dominated trade such as elder care which is on the increase.

Men looking for skilled jobs are hit the most and sadly enough younger buys are not making efforts to be educated in versatile fields which would enable them to be employed.

With an evolution in the job market, men are still not able to adjust to the increasing changes. Many jobs such as mining, oil and gas production, wheat farming and auto manufacturing which are considered as male dominated jobs are slowing fading away.

Over the last four years, 70,000 jobs were lost and most of the people involved are men in the manufacturing and agriculture sector.

But things are not getting easier according to Gerald Swartz, a professor of business at Ryerson University in Toronto as most of these jobs were well paid jobs.

In the meantime, female dominated jobs are on the increase but quite interestingly, men are not going in for such jobs.

Recently, over 200,000 jobs were made available in the health care and social service industry but in spite of that there were only 10% nurses and 12% health care aides that were men.

Swartz explained, “It sociocultural. Men still have the perception that some jobs are only meant for women.” And this is creating a wide gap between men and women.

Although many people claim there are few measures taken to lure men to such jobs, the greater problem is that female dominated jobs are not well paid as male dominated jobs. Men that were once working in highly paid jobs for instance might find it very difficult to settle for a much lower wage.

Taking a look at the figures, reports from Statistics Canada shows women workers get an average of 66.7 cents for every dollar earned by men or 72 cents for full-time workers.

But for Swartz, even though this is a very challenging situation for men, they should adjust and begin thinking of other ways to get employed or else the problem will continue to exist.

However, this problem does not begin over night. It goes way back to schools and has been recognized in students. There is a wide gap between boys and girls and this is not a wise path to thread upon.

Girls are presently out performing boys in schools with a higher number of school drop outs being boys.

Men in most cases go in for jobs that entail physical activity but times are changing and we are moving towards an automated world where one does not need physical abilities to get work completed.







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