Bitcoin Symbol Featured On New Karate Combat League Arena

In recent times, Martial Arts (MA) and karate have turned out to be well known and e standard groups of onlookers have been sponsoring this event for a while now.

One bitcoin-driven group known as, a philanthropic that commits raised funds towards expanding bitcoin recognition, chose to spread the message to MA fans. Bitproj has supported the group Karate Combat, and for this move, the arena decided to showcase a bitcoin symbol amidst the battling ring.

Karate Combat’s introduction has as of late been included in Sports Illustrated online production which additionally demonstrates a decent picture of the bitcoin image inside the ring. Karate Combat CEO Michael DePietro clarifies that Karate is exceptionally prevalent in the U.S. what’s more, beginning the initial league is a point of reference.

“Approximately 50 million Americans have participated in Karate at some point in their lives with an even greater worldwide following, yet no professional league exists,” DePietro explains.

From the look of things, Bitproj has faith in the mass media call of the new Karate venture in addition to supporting the fighting league.  Such a move can motivate curiosity from viewers and discuss it during matches. Karate Combat’s leagues are proud of having 100 fighters from 30 distinct country states, and the group will likewise show up in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Bitcoin advocates will be satisfied to see their symbol amidst the center of the ring in these two videos of the pre-season event titled ‘Karate Combat: Genesis.’ Moreover, the bitcoin image can be seen over at the online interface also.


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