TrueUSD: Why The Wild Price Fluctuation?

TrueUSD (TUSD) is a fixed price asset that lately got added to the Binance exchange which is a growing alternative for trading. However, the listing caused a sudden price spike, as high as $1.32, which means purchasers faced a prompt loss of 30%. Trading on Binance has been postponed for now so that they can deal with details around the TUSD dynamic trading:


TUSD is presently at $1.01, within the scope of 5% fluctuations which is favored by the group. After the launch of the asset, the group cautioned not to offer for TUSD above $1.05.


The group quickly clarified the situation, with the most likely reason being trading bots and this did not deal with an ‘’ sanity check’’ for the asset. The purpose behind the steady course of the TUSD isn’t an exceptional effort on part of the group, or an instrument to influence the rate, as it is with BitUSD.


“TrueUSD saw a large, sudden increase in demand after Binance first announced they are listing TUSD. We think that bots (and some misinformed traders) bought TrueUSD as soon as the announcement was made,” the group remarked.


The Binance listing coincided with a tremendous spike in enthusiasm for TUSD. Just yesterday, TUSD tokens resided in around 289 locations, for around 13 million tokens. But, just inside a day, the number of wallets holding TUSD expanded to 449. The group thinks that more proprietors have the token in their balance exchanges


A few purchasers get TUSD directly from the application, yet the likelihood is to transfer the token between exchanges, to make utilization of price arbitrage. Even though some people think that fixed price tokens like Tether (USDT) hazardous, others think there is more price risk in transferring fiat, and that is in some cases it is impossible because of strict control over international bank transfers.


Tether trading is also becoming increasingly dynamic; it is now taking up around 30% of Bitcoin volumes, after the share of the Japanese Yen collided with 14%. USDT remains the second most traded currency, with a share of 15.7% of the whole crypto market. The supply of more than 2.3 billion USDT for dwarfs the TUSD circulation.


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