France Opens ‘First’ Blockchain Accelerator in Europe With 30 Participants

France progressed towards becoming host to Europe’s first blockchain accelerator as Paris moves to become the “capital of ICOs,” Finance Magnates reports Monday, June 18.

Chain Accelerator, a joint plan including around thirty digital currency and finance entities and experts, plans to offer to coach new international blockchain companies.

Among the list of members in the blockchain plans are Gatecoin CEO Aurelien Menant and HSBC head of digital innovation Diana Biggs, with more astonishing interest from legacy finance gatherings, for example, previous SWIFT CEO Leonard Schrank.

The move comes against a background of expanding friendliness towards cryptocurrency innovation by French authorities, minister of finance Bruno Le Maire cautioning in March that France “should not miss out on the blockchain revolution.”

“At a time when the President and the Government want to make Paris the capital of the ICOs, Chain Accelerator is positioning itself as a key player,” Nicolas Cantu, co-founder of Chain Accelerator, said in comments quoted by different sources.

“In France, as everywhere in the world, blockchain projects face many uncertainties and complexities, whether financial, legal, or technical. Yet, this technology will revolutionize our daily lives,” a member of the national assembly in Paris Pierre Person included in comments which echoed Le Maire.

“It is essential today to have both a legislative framework enabling its full development and structures enabling the emergence of such projects. Our country must become a leader in the blockchain.”

Chain Accelerator is situated in Paris’ Station F, self-portrayed as the biggest startup ground on the planet.


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