China’s IT Ministry Makes Blockchain Data Security facility As One Of Its Key Labs For 2018

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has incorporated a blockchain-committed research facility on the list of its key labs for 2018, published August 13.

As indicated by the ministry’s post, the lab will be committed to tackling blockchain for the data security industry and IT, and will be regulated by the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center.
Not long ago, MIIT proposed various measures to quicken blockchain adoption, saying it would upgrade connection with different territories and divisions, and would build a vigorous indistrial ecosystem to take into account the steady augmentation of blockchain across different fields.

In July, Cointelegraph gave an account of critical comments from the MIIT’s deputy executive, who approached the nation to “unite” its powers to cultivate blockchain as a “core” technology on a “industrial scale.” The minister underlined security when talking about blockchain’s capacity to avert “information tampering and forgery,” and said that its potential ought to be grasp “from a strategic perspective.”

While official Chinese government strategy remains famously intense on decentralized cryptocurrencies, blockchain tech has been making advances at the highest levels of the political structure. This spring, Chinese president Xi Jinping straightforwardly adulated blockchain for instance of “new generation” of technologies conveying “breakthroughs.”


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