Overlooked Investments?

Looking at the current state of the housing market in Canada, you’d think that there was no place left to refurnish, refurbish, tear down or rebuild and that all the hot spots are in the brink of explosion (not in a good way) but there might be some overlooked hot spots still in existence. In this article, we’ll be profiling two of these which happen to be located outside the greater Toronto area.


Barrie is a city located in the central part of Ontario, on the western shore of Lake Simcoe. It falls within the boundary of the northern part of the Greater Golden Horseshoe which is a densely populated and industrialized region of Ontario; it’s housing market is more developed than that of the one in Orillia.

Why Barrie

The city of Barrie one of the fastest growing cities in Canada as of 2013. Its location makes transportation easy and also, various outdoor activities. It is closer to the highway than Orillia- ten minutes. Its location makes every other place virtually accessible.

If you are looking to relocate or start a family in Barrie, your top concern is the crime rate. The crime rate in Barrie is low which may be attributed to the high standard of living.

Apartments and homes are very affordable although the cost of homes are almost double than Orillia’s, at an average cost of $410,538.



The city of Orillia is less than an hour and a half away from the Greater Toronto Area making it easily accessible to those looking to reside away from the hustle and bustle of Toronto while still maintaining a close relationship with the city. Its rustic, small town image is endearing. Orillia has worked hard to maintain its growth and progress over the past years as growth in the previous years had been strong.

Why Live in Orillia?

For those who enjoy being outdoors and partaking in outdoor sports, the lakes Simcoe and Couchiching will be your favorite place in this small city. And the most fun part of it is, outdoor sports are done throughout all the four seasons so everyone can enjoy anything from caryacking in the spring, swimming in the summer to snowboarding in the winter.
Rents are super cheap; up to 85% lower than in Barrie while homes are just slightly cheaper to buy than the ones in Barrie; less a percent cheaper but still, it is a good investment to buy one of the homes here as the market will grow.

The quality of life is also a huge plus.


Whatever facility needed by any of the residents of Orillia is availabe. From a hospital to a library and even a recreation complex is all there. This city has both the old and new blending in with each other; one never overpowering the other.

For those wanting to study here after high school, the newest university in the province of Ontario is located in this small city. Lakehead Unversity services the population of Orillia with its two campuses: one in the downtown are and its main campus in West Orillia.

The Ontario Provincial Police Headquarters, Casino Rama and TeleTech are all located here in Orillia!

Due to all of this, Orillia is definitely a place to consider for beginnning a new chapter in your life.

The markets in these two cities are ready and waiting.


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