The Canadian dollar falls; Trump is president-elect

Why is the Canadian dollar falling?
Out of “wishful thinking”, investors are giving preference to the American dollar over the Canada one because they believe that a Trump presidency will help boost the economy.
The Canadian dollar has fallen as low as 73.60 American cents. The lowest the Lonnie has been this year was in January at 68 cents.

Does the future of Trump presidency is the cause?
The announcement that shock the world that Trump is the president-elect has created a panic—to say the least—and the folks in the financial world are moving “things” around in order to protect themselves just in case the so-called self-made billionaire runs the economy into the ground.
Everyone is expecting the U.S. Federal Reserve to increase the interest rate which would encourage outside investments. It has been said that investors are hopeful that President Trump will create a strategy that will increase spending on infrastructure—something the Canadians are already doing.
Christopher Whalen, senior managing director with the Kroll Bond Agency, noted a spike in U.S. Treasury bond yields since election day.
“The bias of the market now seems clearly to be higher rates and a steeper yield curve, in part because of Trump’s ambitious plans to cut taxes and boost spending, implying higher issuance of Treasury debt and larger U.S. fiscal deficits.
Another reason for the suffering of the Loonie is lowering oil prices.


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