Major Market Seems Balanced for Growth

International and domestic-grown developers are targeting the already popular market.
Developers are still demonstrating rising concerns in Brampton’s downtown core, as reported by the city.
“Available land is only one of the motives why downtown Brampton is at the moment very attractive to investment and businessmen,” Anthony Wong, manager of the Central Area, explained. “We are experiencing huge public investments in healthcare, amenities and education like Riverwalk.”
Brampton is already a popular market, and with the rising interest from developers it looks like it is balanced for even greater growth in the days ahead.
The average home price in the city went for $733.590 in the month of May which was up 31.7 percent from $557.009 about a year ago.
Opening this month is the Peel Memorial Center for integrated health wellness which cost $530 million.
The city have as project the construction of a sprawling health and science community around the center, which will go a long way in creating jobs and will surely spur further residential development and, indeed interest from real estate investors.
Brampton was chosen by Atlas Healthcare because it believes it is an up-and-growing market. Paul Aldunate City of Brampton Expeditor helped in making things easier for the construction of the center. He fills a recently established role that aims to work across all sectors and make cooperation of municipal services and the business community easier.
“We needed to find out the desires of this community and their limits so as to better service the city of Brampton,” Domenic Trotta of Atlas Healthcare, explained.
“Via Paul’s role, he was able to bring this information to help make understanding on how our recently built medical centre can make up for these shortcomings, and play a part in offering better healthcare for Brampton.


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