Bitcoin Adoption Growing Considerably

Four merchants recently started accepting digital currencies for payments. This is another sign that Bitcoin Adoption is real and grows rapidly worldwide. The most recent features of this adoption include a boutique hotel in Spain, parking lots, an electrical supply store and online courses in Japan.

Parking Realty Co. Ltd is a company that provides parking lot sharing serving called QRpark. They announced last week that they have started accepting bitcoin payments.

The company said, “It is the service to convert the industry’s first monthly parking lot into a temporary parking lot.” All a parking lot owner needs to do is to set up a visible signboard on the promises so it can be shared. In order to give more details, the company said: “guests using the parking lot select the parking time at the time of parking and pay the fee using the [QRpark] application.” It later added that “Compared to [traditional] coin parking, capital investment is small, so the price is also cheap.”

The QRpark team wrote, “We decided to introduce a bitcoin payment service, expecting to increase the convenience for customers by increasing the means of payment and [it will] lead to the acquisition of new customers.”

In Japan, Fujiden Corporation recently started accepting bitcoin payments in one of its stores called the YAwata Electrical Materials Purchasing Center.

“Cash settlement is the mainstream for electrical wires, electrical construction materials, electrical tools etc. used at construction sites, such as [for] electrical work and air conditioning construction,” as the company explained. They later added that, while its stores focus on credit cards, “We intend to pursue further convenience by introducing bitcoin payments.”

Kiramex has also just announced they will hence be accepting bitcoin payments for their courses in their online school, Techacademy. The company said, “Techacademy responds to the needs of users born from new technologies and markets, such as starting to offer blockchain courses since February this year. The bitcoin payment [option] this time is part of that effort.”

El Tiburón is a boutique hotel on the beach of La Carihuela in Spain. The hotel is now the first in Andalusia to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, as they announced last week. They specifically named “four main cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, and bitcoin cash.”

El Tiburón says: “We bet on technology to provide our customers with the latest digital trends, due to the great boom that has been generated with bitcoin, ethereum, dash, etc., we have decided that our customers should be able to pay for our services with this innovative technology.”





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